Al's Science Magic - Science Principles employed in Magical Demonstrations to Entertain and teach kids of all ages how SCIENCE works!
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Traveling Science Based Magic Shows Using Magic To Teach Science To Students of All Ages!

Welcome to "Science Magic" your entrance into the exciting world of illusion, comedy, and scientific demonstrations!

Al Stawicki, award winning "Wisconsin Science Teacher of the Year", uses magic to teach science to students of all ages from kindergarten to college in an educational, entertaining and fun program. In fact, Al Stawicki's magical name "PHEOC" is an acronym for the scientific method of problem, hypothesis, experiment, observation, and conclusion!

The Great "PHEOC" is the mystifying science magician who involves his audiences in problem solving situations filled with laughs, educational lessons, and unforgettable, magical entertainment!



Year 'Round Shows, for Groups of Any Size

Al Stawicki is available for bookings the year round. His entertaining and educational programs are especially suited for all school events, science fairs, parent nights, and science enrichment activities! Group sizes from 25 to 500 are easily accommodated as well as hourly, daily, or weekly residency!

From the lab to center stage, students are challenged with new activities, experiments, and demonstrations in this hands-on, fun-filled program designed to enrich your Science curriculum.

Al Stawicki, science-magician extraordinaire, will amaze you with his fun-filled repertoire of prestidigitation, science principles, and audience participation!

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