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Al Stawicki has earned the respect and admiration of his peers along with many honors and awards during his amazing career as a "Master Science Teacher."

Through his innovative approach to teaching science through magic, he has earned top honors throughout the United States and around the world.

Here is a partial list of his many awards and accomplishments.

Milwaukee's "Discovery World" Science Museum Teacher of the Year

Presidential Award (Washington D.C.)

"Life" Magazine (Picture and Article)
Ameritech-Wisconsin Bell Gold Medal Award (Los Angeles)

TV Japan (One Hour Special)

"Woman's World" Magazine (Article and Picture)

"Single Life" Magazine (Article and Picture)

Campbell Soups (TV Ad Commercial)

"Wisconsin Elementary Science Teacher's (WEST) Leadership Award

"Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers" (WSST) Ron Gibbs Award




Other Awards

  • Coach, Nine times State Champion, Morse Middle School-Milwaukee (State Science Olympiad Tournament, UW-Oshkosh)

  • The Depot Outreach says of Al Stawicki's distinguished teaching career:

Happy Audience"Al Stawicki has served as an advisor for educational exhibit design and curriculum development for Milwaukee museums, and has garnered local, regional, and national awards honoring his roles as educator, coach, leader, and public servant.

In his 30+ year teaching career, Al has had a lifelong impact on countless children with his love of teaching, flair for the theater, and his skillful blend of science and humor."

-- The Depot Outreach Program was the Artist in Residence program featured by the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center. Depot Outreach offered performances, educational workshops, lectures and demonstration by visual, literary and performing artists.

Depot Outreach featured independent artists and educators living and working in Northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.


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